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Who needs Warcraft anyway

There was an announcement at Blizzcon this year that I totally forgot to mention, and now that this announcement is in effect I feel it’s best to talk about it. Starcraft 2, Blizzard’s sequel to the highly praised original, is now free to play for the original campaign and multiplayer, which is a huge boost to the game.

I have never actually played this game or the original which is a shame as I do love a good RTS. Something about the vast variety of expansions made me feel as though I would be buying into an incomplete product however with the original game with no expansions now free it seems like a good time to get started, I may even try it out this week and let you all know my impressions. Even the ranked multiplayer is free now, which is very obviously an attempt to boost the game’s E-sport viability when compared to popular MOBA’s and I wish them the best of luck in this endeavor.

So how do you all feel about Starcraft 2 going free to play? Do you think it’s a smart move and if so why? Be sure to let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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