Shared Roles

This definitely doesn’t happen to me…

In any game you often gravitate towards what you believe is the role that best suits you when you have a degree of choice. When you play RPG’s you tend to pick the same type of character, a warrior, mage or rogue. This allows you to have a comfortable and set pattern that helps you to define what kind of gamer you are.

However what about if these roles are shared over different genres of gaming? One of the biggest examples of this for me is my love of tanky warriors in RPGs. I love to play warriors and so when a game like Overwatch comes along naturally I gravitate towards playing Reinhardt even though they are two completely different games. Of course this can be a good and a bad thing, having a role that transcends genre generally means that you tend to be good at that role from the beginning. On the other hand however sometimes game mechanics can be so vastly different that you end up playing a character who you get no enjoyment out of but keep playing simply because ‘You’re the Tank guy’.

So what are your feelings on this? Do you feel it is best to have a continuously shared role in all the games you play or do you feel it’s best to change up your role game by game? Let us all know your opinion about this in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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