Walking the Path

This is actually the skill tree from this game... shocking I know
This is actually the skill tree from this game… shocking I know

In my new Diablo craze I have I decided to take a look at other games within the same genre in order to determine if I would be having the most fun playing Diablo 3 or if another game would satiate my newfound love. I tried my hand at a free to play game known as Path of Exile, a slightly less polished but much deeper ARPG that pretty much plays just like an alternate Diablo.

I played a little bit of it, a couple of hours so far before going back to Diablo and grinding for new items again. From my first impressions I found the game to be good fun and an amazing deal for a free game however I didn’t really like the character designs and I found the world to be a bit too dark and bleak for my liking. Still if I put the time into this game who knows what will happen, I may even decide I prefer it over Diablo 3. Only time will tell I suppose.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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