European Releases

Why this date!? I'm so upset!
Why this date!? I’m so upset!

No doubt most of the American gaming audience who cares about Nintendo are currently playing the newly released Pokemon Sun and Moon and are having a great time doing so, not for me however. Yous ee if you didn’t know for some bizzare reason Nintendo tend to do staggered releases on Pokemon games, with this entry in the series being released almost a full week after the rest of the world gets it.

I no doubt believe there are technical and logistical reasons for Nintendo doing this. Perhaps translations for the entire European region needs to be coded onto different carts and so require a lot more manufacturing time. Maybe due to the different policies on shipping and trade with each country it requires a lot more work to handle all the copies of the game being sent to different parts of Europe. Whatever the reason it still bugs me to no end and pretty much means I cannot go onto my Facebook feed for too long in fear of being spoiled!

Ahh well maybe I’m just salty about all this. Enjoy the game America, I’ll see you in a week. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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