The Memorable Villain

It's ya boi!
It’s ya boi!

Memorable villains are something difficult to create in games, as in all media. Villains are bad people at their core so getting people to like them can be incredibly tricky. You can make the audience sympathetic to them and their actions. You can make them incredibly cool looking and intimidating so people don’t pay attention to their actions. Or you can do what the new Pokemon games did and make your villains actions as silly as possible, making them much more fun.

Having a silly villain like Guzma from Pokemon Sun and Moon on screen helps to put into perspective the actions that your player character are having on the world. While you are busy saving it from destruction there are silly people like this who are trying to ‘rule it’.

Guzma works well as his actions are so extreme and his reactions are over the top no matter the situation. It’s almost like a lack of self awareness that makes him all the more fun to talk to even if you would never actually want to hang out with someone like him. So I ask you all which villains do you think are the most memorable and for what reasons? Be sure to comment and share your favourites! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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