The Necro-Patch

Well didn't think I'd be talking about this game
Well didn’t think I’d be talking about this game

Rockstar have made a bit of a strange move recently for us PC players. They just provided a new patch for Grand Theft Auto 4, not 5, the first patch for the game in six whole years. This patch wasn’t anything major though, simply allowing compatibility with the latest windows systems and providing some performance enhancements. These type of patches where developers go back to games they made a long time ago and provide some new content or an update I have taken to calling the “Necro-Patch”.

Necro-patching can be seen as a good move by some develoeprs. Obviously it makes the players who still enjoy the experience of that game happy by giving them something to work with and it can even provide incentive for some people to try out an older game that they may never have gotten to try before due to something like compatibility issues. Though it also can be seen as a pointless move due to lower playerbase and that development time could have been spent on something more recent like a new game.

Still it makes me happy to see GTA 4 get some love all these years laters. I absolutely adored doing multiplayer in that game so who knows maybe I will try and give it a go again at some point. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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