The Game Awards

Our statue is better, it has wings!
Our statue is better, it has wings!

So apparently the Video Game Awards happened, and somehow I didn’t even realise until today. Being behind on the times isn’t even a good description of myself right now as I didn’t even know they existed at this point. It’s a shame as it really celebrates the best of the industry and making sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Of course you are all probably interested in the big award, best game. That of course would belong to Blizzard’s massive success this year, Overwatch. Winning not only that award but also best multiplayer award and best game direction it seems Blizzard should be very proud of themselves.

It wasn’t only game awards that were shown off however. There were a variety of new announcements on games at the show, the biggest of course being Hideo Kojima’s new project ‘Death Stranding’ which everyone is incredibly excited about. There was also some full proper gameplay footage of Mass Effect Andromeda shown off however I was unfortunately not too impressed with it. Perhaps my views will change if I decide to get the game.

Anyway, did you all know about the Video Game Awards and the fact that they happened? If so what was your favourite announcement and did you think the awards were given to the right games? Be sure to discuss it together! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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