How could I forget this!?
How could I forget this!?

In my previous post talking about the Video Game awards I completely forgot to mention about the next piece of DLC for the smash indie hit Shovel Knight, Spectre of Torment. This free bit of DLC will follow one of the previous bosses that you face in the original game, Spectre Knight.

Now Yacht Club Games have released another piece of DLC for the game which focused on another one of the bosses, Plague Knight, however this DLC seems to be a prequel to the original game which will bring to light some more information on this particularly mysterious hooded figure. It’s amazing to think that the studio are still producing content for this game several years after it has been originally released. That’s not all however as the studio also said there would be at least one more piece of DLC for the game before they finished development. And all for free!

I personally have never played through Shovel Knight (I totally should though… I wonder if humble bundle will have it at some point…) but this dedication to a game and providing so much content for free just shows that some developers in this day and age haven’t lost the charm and respect of the gaming community and think about the game first and profit second. I commend you Yacht Club Games, keep on fighting the good fight.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.


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