The Gamecube

Purple really was the best colour
Purple really was the best colour

After relentlessly trying to find one online and failing I decided the best way to get over my sorrow of not currently owning one was to make a post about the beautiful console known as the Gamecube.

Many people see Nintendo’s Gamecube as a failure and sure it may have been going against the PS2 and let’s be honest, you DON’T go against the PS2, but it had such a wonderful game library and to this day still has one of the best designed controllers ever made.

My personal favourite games on the Gamecube were Super Mario Sunshine, my favourite Mario game to date, both Pokemon Colosseum and XD, two fantastic Pokemon adventures, and finally Super Smash Bros Melee because it’s… well it’s Super Smash Bros Melee. Perhaps I won’t be able to ever truly express how much this fantastically designed console means to me but all I will say is that if you haven’t owned a Gamecube before I highly encourage you to find one. Plus I mean the console has a handle, what other consoles have a handle!?

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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