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Yeah yeah I know it's an old logo
Yeah yeah I know it’s an old logo

People are saying now that Sony stole the show for E3 this year, looking through the other shows so far it does seem like Sony have pulled out the most interesting things, mainly of course focusing on games. Lets’ get started.

First off the usual. The new Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, had more footage shown off and most of us still don’t really care about it much. Horizon: Zero Dawn got more footage and it does seem like an interesting new IP, though whether it will be able to keep up with the gargantuan titles revealed here is another question. We also got shown some new info about Playstation VR with some Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing gameplay and info that the Batman Arkham series would be getting some love with this new technology too. Personally I don’t see Playstation VR competing well against the other VR option however I could be proven wrong.

Next up were some interesting new titles revealed for the show. The next Lego Star Wars game which is actually set to come out in a couple of weeks. This one covers the latest film and I must say that I loved the original Lego Star Wars games so this could very well be interesting. Next up is a new Spider0Man game of all things! Not looking to tie in with the films series at all this game (which is being developed by Insomniac of all companies!) looks like it may actually give Spidey the game treatment he deserves after the garbage we have had recently. There was also a new Resident Evil game revealed, the 7th in the main franchise, with VR support and even a demo that is released for those who own Playstation Plus.

However of course there were huge new reveals for the console too. The first being a brand new God of War game. A bit strange considering how the original series ended but I suppose they have a good idea for how to progress this series. Next up was the surprising news that Hideo Kojima with his new studio is actually making a new game with the actor Normal Reedus called Death Stranding. This is great news as Norman was supposed to work with Kojima for Silent Hills however with Konami taking a nosedive as of late it’s great to see that the two brilliant minds are still going to be involved somehow. Finally of course was the big one, the one that everyone is talking about. Crash Bandicoot is back. All of the original Bandicoot games are being remastered for PS4 and he is even appearing as a playable character in the Skylanders series. This is huge as it may even suggest that a new Bandicoot game could happen at some point. I certainly hope that will be the case.

And that was Sony this year, A good showing I must say, especially with the reveal of new games that we have all been waiting for. I will cover the events of Nintendo’s unique E3 livestream tomorrow, possibly in the morning. That should be your lot for E3, so stay tuned! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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