Nintendo E3 Stream

Mario's imitating Nintendo employees for the next year or so
Mario’s imitating Nintendo employees for the next year or so

So Nintendo decided to forego a conference this year and instead decided to simply do a Nintendo Treehouse Livestream which only showed off two games. Good thing then that these two games I am both interested in, and with the amount of time they spent on them I have plenty to talk about.

The big reveal of course was the new Zelda, Breath of the Wild. This new Zelda game seems like it could very well be the most unique game in the series to date. Firstly the graphics look absolutely gorgeous, using a cartooney style similar to that of Wind Waker but with more realistic proportions. The game was also confirmed to be an Open World experience similar to that of other RPG’s. They also revealed many different aspects of the gameplay including surprisingly many survival aspects wuch as hunting animals and harvesting plants. This also came with the surprise reveal of the start of the game having a type of Sci-fi feel which is a bizzare first for the series. I don’t want to say too much about the reveal of the game as it truly is an experience you need to see for yourself. They spent well over an hour on it so look up the footage online , I implore you. Needless to say the things they showed off have got me incredibly excited for this game and have actually put it on my radar of games I may very well play.

The other game they showed off was of course the new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon. They spent a large amount of time on these titles too, playing through the opening stages of the game and showing off a whole load of new Pokemon. Three new Pokemon were revealed that you could capture at the start of the game; Pikipek, Yungoose and Grubbin. The battle screen and many animations look updated, thank goodness, and the Pokedex even seems to be inhabited by the ghost pokemon Rotom! This means that your Pokedex can talk to you, how strange. They said that there will be a lot of Pokemon with different forms in this game and that the region is going to be mainly tropical based, a good indicator that we will have a lot of water to cross. Finally they revealed a new type of battle system, Battle Royal, which seems to be four trainers each using a single Pokemon to duel it out in a big free-for-all. Other small details were revealed such as indicators of rival trainers who want to battle but not much else was really talked about.

Overall then while they may not have shown off many games they definitely gave us all a lot to talk about regarding the games they did show off. I must say I am now very hyped about the new Zelda game and might even pre-order it once I know exactly which system it will be on. That was E3 then, there was of course the EA and Ubisoft conferences however they didn’t reveal too much that was different so I didn’t feel there was enough to truly talk about. Back to schedule tomorrow everyone! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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