Microsoft Conference

Will it be a success story?
Will it be a success story?

So funny story, I didn’t even know EA did their conference earlier in the day yesterday. Ahh well, just about the only interesting thing they revealed anyway was Mass Effect Andromeda’s gameplay trailer, and even that wasn’t spectacular. Onto Microsoft now though, let’s see what happens here.

Introduced to us were the typical ones we expected to show up. Gameplay of Gear of War 4 with confirmed cross pc platform content, very nice. Halo Wars 2 which seems like it might be an even better polished game than the first, which I loved. A beta was also released this week so people could play the game, guess that’s the best way to get people to pre order your game. And of course there was the gameplay of Final Fantasy 15 which I couldn’t really care less about.

There were some interesting new IP’s shown off though. Recore was announced last year and this year it showed off some of its impressive looking gameplay, might need to keep an eye out on that. Scalebound, an rpg/monster hunter style game in which you can seemingly transform into a dragon, how metal! Sea of Thieves, a pirate game with a lovely cartooney art style, reminds me of Wind Waker in some ways. They also revealed that there will be a sequel to the incredible indie game Limbo known as Inside which I am extremely excited for as well as revealing that Dead Rising 4 is now a thing. Maybe this series has gone on a little too long but never mind I suppose.

There was also a huge emphasis on new technology in this presentation. Microsoft were of course showing off their Hololens technology which still looks to impress but if it will work as well as shown is still under question. However the biggest news regarding the Xbox system is the introduction of two new versions of the console. The first was a slimmer version of the system called the Xbox One S which… seems a bit pointless to me. Especially considering they also announced the more interesting version, the ‘Project Scorpio’ console, which seems to be a hugely more powerful system and is slated to be released next year at some point.

Overall for this Microsoft conference it wasn’t too bad although they could have really stepped up their game with some type of big announcement of games rather than trying to focus on selling us new consoles. Never mind I suppose, they know what they are doing. I think. Anyway later on today (probably quite late at night) I will cover the Sony conference. Ubisoft’s conference will be mentioned in the footnotes of them as I’m not expecting too much from what they can offer. Anyway that’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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