Bethesda E3 Conference

Next Elder Scrolls game please...
Next Elder Scrolls game please…

So as I write this it is currently 3 in the morning and I am up and ready to discuss the latest E3 conference, Bethesda’s one to be more precise! I will be updating this as more information is announced during the show so this will be a relatively long post and will be posted as soon as the show finishes. I hope to do a post for each conference however due to timings I may have to end up just doing a summary of each show, still be sure to stick around and enjoy the content I will be putting out!

So Bethesda, what have they got for us this year? Well the first thing announced was Quake Champions, a surprise reveal as a new Quake game was never even thought of by anyone. Seems ID and Bethesda want to challenge COD’s multiplayer grasp on the industry and with a new Quake they may do very well. Some more information was also revealed about the Elder Scrolls: Legends, the hearthstone-like elder scrolls card game including the campaign mode that will be included. I’m not too excited as I’m not that much into card games but you never know, it could be absolutely huge!

Next up was the announcement of Fallout 4’s next batch of DLC which contains 3 new pieces. Contraptions workshop additions, Vault Tec workshop additions (Build your own god damn vault!) and Nuka World. They also revealed the remastered version of Skyrim for the next console generation with included console modding support! Hell yeah! After this we were shown a new Prey game, a surprise reveal as most believed the newest Prey game was a no show for a long time so it’s good to know that game is still alive!

Next on the list was some new information on Doom’s support over the next year including free updates and even the first bit of DLC. It’s good to hear exactly what is being added so we know that we are getting our money’s worth with Doom. More information was revealed about Elder Scrolls Online, including the full release of the Dark Brotherhood expansion and the ‘One Tamriel’ system which will automatically level every character to match the surrounding content, taking away all grouping restrictions, a welcome addition I would hope.

Bethesda VR was also revealed, including the ability to play new games in VR such as Doom and Fallout 4. I’m sure it will be very interesting for those who can afford the VR systems. We were then treated to some new gameplay for Dishonored 2 which many people were expecting, including myself. It looks like fun, I enjoyed the first one but I’m not sure if I will be grabbing the sequel.

And there’s your conference. Not AS big as last year but then again what could possibly top Bethesda’s E3 last year? Sad to see no Todd Howard in the flesh but oh well at least we still got some new info about Fallout. Stay tuned to see more info from the other panels when they happen! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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