Rushed Ports

Arkham Knight was perhaps one of the worst PC ports ever

Ports to different gaming consoles are generally an easy task to make more money for your company. You simply take the base code for the game you made, apply different settings and engine changes to make it run smoothly on whatever piece of hardware you are running and change the control scheme to match. This isn’t the case for some developers however as some ports are considered vastly inferior to their original game.

I started playing Dark Souls to see if I could get through it this time and it’s clear that the PC port was a quickly put together mess of a game. It was designed first and foremost for consoles, having xbox control buttons on the menus, having some of the worst keyboard and mouse controls I have ever tried and not being optimised for PC at all. Luckily I installed a mod that makes everything better and I started using a controller which makes the game much more bearable. Still the fact that this happened in the first place is shameful and hopefully will not be the same case when it is remastered.

I ask you all now, what gaming ports do you consider the worst? Give your examples in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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