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It seems the commies know da way

If you haven’t heard of VR Chat then count yourself lucky, it’s a black hole of silliness that will never let you go once you have experienced it. Being a 3D chatroom in VR makes it a place full of wonderful memes and interesting people however one of these trends has caused some tension among internet populace, for seemingly no reason.

“Do You Know Da Way” is a meme created thanks to the strange charicatures of Knuckles from the Sonic series after some people decided to take his dreadlocks and consider them similar to that of people from Uganda. After which they proceeded to troll people by following them around, putting on a Ugandan accent and pretending to be tribals.

Now obviously it’s a joke that is not made in good taste, the problem however is that many people consider it be be racist against Ugandans. This however could not be further from the truth as while yes it may be stereotyping it’s simply placing the character of an African Tribal onto that of a character who was clearly inspired by this type of culture. Its not hateful, it’s not degrading, it’s simply trolling for the sake of trolling. If somebody had decided that the Knuckles was Scottish and started putting on a Scottish accent it wouldn’t be seen as racist but instead as a joke. The fact that the character is Ugandan makes people get upset and claim racism, which seems silly to me.

Anyway, my apologies for covering a topic like this as while it isn’t purely a gaming topic I feel as though it’s important to talk about. Just have fun people, and don’t get upset about things that aren’t intended to directly harm others. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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