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I didn't even know The Division HAD a PTS
I didn’t even know The Division HAD a PTS

With the announcement of Sombra at Blizzcon for Overwatch Blizzard stated that she will be available to play and test on their Public Test Server early this week, so naturally I am downloading the PTS right now.

PTS’s are incredibly useful for developers who are creating either a multiplayer based game or an MMO. It allows them to test out various new features or changes without affecting the natural gameplay balance on official game servers. This allows the changes to be a bit more extensive and also allows fans to make some important feedback that could affect their favourite games. Plus of course it allows some impatient players (like myself) to try out new things in games before they are officially released.

For Overwatch their PTS has been incredibly useful in making changes and reverting them. Things such as changing Mercy’s healing rate or how fast Ana shoots. I am looking forward to seeing exactly how Sombra plays when she is released and what changes will be implimented on her before her public release. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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