Her outfit looks pretty cool
Her outfit looks pretty cool

Blizzcon started today and just like clockwork everyone’s guesses became reality when the new Overwatch character was finally revealed to us, Sombra. She is classified as an offensive type hero however she very much borders the line between offense and support.

She’s a hacker, and so one of ehr abilities allows her to shut down any opponents abilities for a short time. This effectively turns her into the first ‘silencer’ class as her abilites focus on stealth by turning invisible, mobility by using a throwable teleporter and short range damage. Her ultimate ability is a massive area of effect multi hack that not only stops abilities but also disables turrets and even shields! Reinhardt mains beware!

So she seems very interesting, and she will be released on the test servers at the start of next week. I for one am very interested to see just how strong she will be and if there will have to be many changes to her character when she finally is released into the public realm. Let’s just hope they don’t nerf her too bad eh?

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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