Well… it looks pretty at least

In an interesting move by Epic Games their fairly recently released game, Paragon, is being shut down by the company in favor of putting resources to other projects, but the studio will offer full refunds to all players that have purchased in game items.

Epic Games released Paragon a few years ago in their hope to cash in on the growing popularity of third person MOBA’s such as Smite. After playing the game myself however I can conclude (as could many others) that the game didn’t really stand out that much by itself and was more of just another attempt to make the next hit MOBA. Due to a combination of poor game design and a waning player population Epic have decided to pull the plug on the game’s online servers, essentially making the game non playable for everyone.

It’s clear that Epic Games want to focus on their current big money-maker Fortnite: Battlegrounds and so are pulling the team from Paragon to focus more on the game that will make them more money. It’s a shame as the game certainly had a unique presentation and there were elements of a good game here. Instead the studio simply gave up on it, which speaks volumes as to what will happen to Fortnite when it starts to not be as popular.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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