Nintendo Labo

I must admit, this looks like such a fun and colourful picture

An interesting new addition to the Switch lineup was just revealed and to many people’s surprise it seems as though Nintendo are trying to help grow the imagination of children with the Nintendo Labo. Essentially it’s a series of minigames that are played by constructing several cardboard accessories, such as an RC car or a fishing rod, attaching all the electronics up to the Switch and playing a dedicated game based on the thing you create.

It’s certainly an interesting premise, bringing up memories of creating cardboard binoculars of other similar things as a child and feeling incredibly accomplished at what I made. It also seems to be the replacement for the massive line of accessories that Nintendo created for their previous consoles such as the absurd amount of hand controller changes for the original Wii. Still while this does sound like an amazing concept (especially for the fact that you can customise your cardboard creations into whatever you like with stickers and such) and it does include a full game the price does seem steep at $70-80 for the several packages that were revealed. It’s gonna take quite the amount of convincing by kids to get their parents to pay that much for bits of cardboard.

Anyway what do you all think of this? Is it a good idea or are Nintendo overpricing this gimmick? Let’s discuss this in the comments section! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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