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Fable Kart Racing confirmed!?!?

Microsoft recently rumoured that a new Fable game is currently in development however with the closing of Lionhead Studios, the original creators of the franchise, the game is being handed off to Playground Games, the creators of the Forza franchise.

Now we all know that the Fable games while good were certainly overhyped. They were stated to be these monolithic simulations of a medieval life when in actuality it was a casual RPG with life-building mechanics. This was mostly due to their studio head, Peter Molyneux, being a pathological liar when it came to his games. With this new studio in charge things could change and the new game may very well be what the series was meant to be.

Then again this IS a racing game company so the problem many people are seeing is how this company will tackle a massive RPG like this, especially considering how Microsoft has handled the franchise in the past (Nobody mention Fable: The Journey).

In the end until we get some solid gameplay of this we can’t make huge judgements, it may very well being the best in the franchise, let’s hope that’s the case. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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