Let Loose the Dogs of War!

How does that horse even carry him?
How does that horse even carry him?

So to those who remember in 2010 we were treated to the first Darksiders game, a hack n’ slash action adventure game that seemed like a mature version of the Legend of Zelda with a splash of mythology mixed in. Well it turns out that the game is being remastered for current gen consoles and will carry the title of the ‘Warmastered Edition’.

It was a fairly fun experience though I never actually finished the whole game. The combat was fun and the world definitely looked very unique and pretty, for being a hellish apocalyptic landscape of course. I never actually played the sequel to this game so whether I will pick up the remastered edition for PC I’m not too sure. At least this will give a few new players the chance to try out the series if they missed out on it which t be honest is quite likely as the series wasn’t that successful.

So what are your feelings towards this remaster? Are you excited for it or do you not really mind? Be sure to comment and let me know when you can! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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