Canine Companions

Very interesting conversation there Dogmeat!
Very interesting conversation there Dogmeat!

The humble dog, even in the virtual space we consider these lovable pups to be man’s best friend and usually they keep us company on many of our virtual adventures. From the post apocalyptic super dog Dogmeat to the humble dog from Fable 2 and even that dog from Call of Duty Ghosts we have seen so many of these animals help us on our adventures.

Yet it always seems to be more of an emotional attachment to dogs that keep us together rather than a practical one. Let’s be honest in Fallout 3 you always picked Fawkes the super mutant over the dog because he was basically invincible and had a giant gatling laser while as Dogmeat was just a lovable pup that we came across and wanted to protect. Even in Fable the dog wasn’t that useful in combat and was just something used to tear at our emotional heartstrings.

So here I have to ask you all, which dog companion in gaming was your favourite and why? Be sure to share your story and let us all have our say! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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