Humble Bundle

What a cool idea!
What a cool idea!

If you don’t know what this strange title is then you need to be educated friend! The gaming Humble Bundle is probably the best deal for games you will ever get. Essentially it’s a charity based organisation that sells you bundles of games, either indie or mainstream, and the price is whatever you wish it to be. You can buy a bundle of games for 1p or £30 and as you put more money in more options for the games you get become available.

This kind of service is an incredibly good deal as even the games that are locked off via price goals will still be very much worth the price they are asking, even getting multiple games along with it! Me and my girlfriend have used Humble Bundle many a times to get even just singular games that we thought looked really cool and I suggest that you do the same, even on Steam you probably won’t get as good a deal as this online.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a life.

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