Good Purchase

Mine wasn’t really wrapped like this…

So lucky me, I got my Gamecube I ordered early! I actually got it at the weekend when I was expecting it at some point this week, huzzah! Unfortunately the memory card hasn’t come yet so I will have to wait until I can fully play my games. Until then I can just speak kind words of the seller’s kindness.

If somehow the seller ended up seeing this (Hello There!) then thank you so much. Not only did I get the Gamecube and a single sports game as advertised but I think just to get rid of them they also included over 8 PS2 games that were wrapped around the console, presumably to help them not get damaged.

Now sure most of them didn’t really interest me that much but a couple I could very well see myself playing some day and that means this was a lovely extra gift to this purchase. SO thank you Ebay seller, your Gamecube will be well looked after. Have any of you gotten an extra surprise gift in the purchase of something to do with games? Be sure to let us all know your experiences in the comment section! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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