Memory Cards

Almost looks like an SD card…

DO many of you recognise the image above you? If not (what is wrong with you!?) then I shall explain. This is a memory card, an external accessory for older gaming consoles around the era of the PS2. The particular model you see above is for the Gamecube. During these times memory cards stored data for our games, similar to the hard drives of today. However to many of us these weren’t simply a piece of tech, these were years of our lives put into a single piece of tech.

I’m sure many of you have encountered the time when a sibling or a friend accidently deleted a save file on your memory card. Maybe it was in a 100% game that will never be completed again. Maybe it was just a particular moment of a game you loved so much that you wanted to play it over and over. Anyway, these times are memorable to many gamers not just for the work we put into the saves on these cards, but for the memories we made from them.

Personally I feel more attachment to Memory Cards than any kind of hard drive nowadays. Maybe it’s the idea of bringing it in your pocket to a friends house to play on your save, or maybe I’m just being nostalgic and not thinking straight. Either way I would love to hear what your memories are with memory cards and what stories you can tell us from your own personal collection. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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