Engage Gaming

Well they look a bit serious, I wonder if they were so in the game if they knew they were being photographed…

So a few days ago I realised the existence of a new interesting gaming venue in my home city of Aberdeen, Engage Gaming. It’s a bit like those internet cafes you hear about in other parts of the world except this one offers a bit… more.

Firstly it styles itself as more of a bar rather than a cafe but that isn’t the main point of the place of course. The star of this place is the amount of gaming equipment around for people to try out. It costs money to have time on the gaming machines but you can go into the venue for free and sit down for some stuff to eat.

I personally visited the place before the official opening to get the lowdown and had a fun time. There were a few teething problems of course, consoles acting up and staff having to be in 5 places at once, but overall this place seems to have potential. I especially enjoyed my time with the VR headset playing SuperHot and seemed to attract a crowd without my knowledge, which was rather embarrasing as I took off the device and saw like 9 people watching me crawl around on the floor and smack my head on walls.

If the teething problems are taken care of and equipment functions correctly (I unfortunately didn’t get to test the PC set-up as they weren’t available at the time) I could forsee this place being a nice location for gamers to hang out. If this sounds like an interesting place do go check it out, by the time this post comes out the place should be officially opened so if you live in Aberdeen go have a look! Here’s a link to their site if you want more information.


That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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