Etika’s Death

Rest in Peace good sir

I don’t like talking about these subjects but considering I previously discussed this individual on this site I suppose I better cover this too. On the 25th June Etika, the Youtube and Twitch personality was found dead by the NYPD after a search for him took place on the 19th as he had gone missing and nobody knew where he went.

He also uploaded a video to Youtube which was deleted shortly after on the 19th showing him walking around the city and stating how he had a good life but that due to drifting away from people and pushing away his friends he felt as though he had no reason to live anymore. He also firmly accepted his mental illness and stated that it made his life miserable.

As I stated in my previous discussion on this topic people on the internet are uniquely targeted if they happen to have mental problems by people claiming that they are just faking it for attention. This just so happens to be an example of someone who let it take over them until they had nothing left and that saddens me greatly. If anything good can come from all of this it’s that hopefully this should be a wake-up call to those who don’t take mental illness seriously, or at least we can hope this will be the outcome.

Rest in Peace Etika, your legacy will be remembered.

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