Bring Out Yer Demons!

Talk about a buddy cop adventure…

It’s rare that I get informed about a game that I’ve never heard of before, that just came out, and is right up my alley, but here we are! A friend of mine informed me of a very recent release, The Thaumaturge, an incredibly interesting game made by ex-witcher developers.

The premise is fairly out there, you’re essentially an early 20th century detective-type set in Warsaw who has the ability to summon demons and undead to do your bidding. It’s essentially a mix of Pokemon and non-anime slavic Persona which is a strange enough combo that I absolutely adore the concept of. With it being an indie game it looks absolutely fantastic and top-notch for its visual and audio presentation, you would believe it was made by a big name studio! The game is out right now, and you can buy it on Steam here. I for one will certainly be buying it and giving it a go, you may even see a review for it! Be warned though that if I do review it, it may take some time to come out and thus will be less relevant. Regardless, the game looks interesting to me and I hope you all find it interesting too!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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