Bit of an Oldie

If you grew up during the start of the millenia, this should look familiar

Runescape, saying the name alone should fill a lot of people with happy feelings and send them back to a time filled with nostalgic memories. The game is actually back in the news recently, granted the original 2007 game is still playable, in fact you can play it right now in your browser!

What the news is about however is the fact that Runescape is actually coming to mobile devices. It hasn’t been said exactly which platforms these will be, though most likely it will be on both Android and the Apple Store. The game will be based on the ‘Old-School’ version that is based on the game from 2007 that you all most likely remember. It will even feature cross-platform play, meaning you can play on your PC and keep on playing on your phone!

Now here’s a bit of a confession, I’ve never actually played Runescape. I wasn’t much into the PC scene at that time, though maybe I will give it a try. It’s free so I don’t exactly have much to lose do I? That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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