Advertisement Games

Oh god it looks so bad

As the medium of gaming continues to grow so too does the reasons that they are created. Most are of course created to entertain us and keep us busy, some are designed as artistic experiences or ways in which a creator can express their feelings and interestingly as a recent trend some are created to advertise other games.

Advertisement Games seem like a huge investment of time and money, and they are. Taking some staff away from the original project to make a completely different game simply to promote the original one, that’s certainly a bold move. Sometimes they pay off, such as the recent example of Doki Doki Literature Club creating an entire ARG in preparation for the studio’s next game while other times you get rushed piles of garbage like Slashy Souls.

In the end these are all just like other forms of media, some are hits and some are not. The very concept of playing an advert however is interesting as a consumer is engaging with it even if they are not interested in the product at all. Perhaps there is more to be explored here, I guess it will only take the right studio and the right combination of people to see it to its fullest extent. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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