damnit, I pressed enter
damnit, I pressed enter

Tutorials in video games are perhaps some of the most important things that we can be introduced with. A tutorial that goes on for too long or is too confusing for new players will just end up discouraging or even outright preventing them from continuing on. Recently I started playing a new game (that might possibly be a review for High Rez, stay tuned!) and the lack of tutorial for the game has really soured me to it.

Maybe it is a fantastic game and I just need to explore it a bit more. Maybe I will do exactly that. Games like Minecraft thrive upon not telling you what to do and letting you work things out for yourself. However there are hundreds of recipes in Minecraft and so when you forget almost all of them and spend hours aimlessly putting sticks against other sticks with no result then it isn’t fun exploration, it’s just boring.

What do you all think about this issue? Do you think tutorials should be more rigid and straight to the point or do you think just letting you discover things yourself is a better game mechanic? Let’s have a discussion about this!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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