The Xbox Win10… Or Something

Cool... I guess?
Cool… I guess?

So Microsoft recently announced that they would be implementing new changes into their Xbox console line, the biggest being that it will now officially support UWA’s (Universal Windows Applications). What this means for us is that with games being made with this new type of application Xbox consoles will fundamentally be able to have their hardware changed and upgraded, meaning that the Xbox One could now very well attempt to keep up with the latest gaming PC’s.

This is an odd trend as the thing consoles have always had over PC’s is that they don’t need upgrading and that you simply buy the console and play games on it until it needs to be traded in for the next console. PC gaming has always been seperate from consoles for that reason and so combining both of them into a pseudo ultimate games/media platform is… a bit weird. I dunno maybe I just need to learn more about this subject before I can make a properly educated opinion about it, but i'[m curious about what you all think of this change from Microsoft so please share them below!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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