The MMO Endless Grind

Yep... that's pretty much it
Yep… that’s pretty much it

So I have recently gotten back into the MMORPG Trove again. For those that don’t know Trove is a voxel based game similar in style to World of Warcraft but with minecraft elements such as mining and building houses block by block. I gave up on Trove a while back as there was not much for me to do back then, nowadays however the game has a lot more going on in the late game and I finally feel like I have stuff to do! However… this brings up the taboo point of the grind in MMO’s.

Grinding is when you repeat a similar task over and over in order to progress. This can be something such as running through the same dungeons over and over again or defeating the same monsters over and over again. It’s a system which makes a game become boring pretty quickly and Trove unfortunately suffers a lot from it. I’m having fun with it now but I’m waiting for the grind fatigue to kick in and make me not want to play anymore. Some people actually like the grind in MMO’s though so what do I know?

Anyway what do you all think of MMO grinds? Do you like them and if you do why? Share your thoughts in the comments below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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