The Nintendo Switch

Those controllers certainly look... odd
Those controllers certainly look… odd

So Nintendo finally revealed their hand and have shown off their latest console to be released, the Nintendo Switch! This home/protable hybrid gaming system is set to have the capabilities of a modern games console with the ability to be taken anywhere and played like a normal handleld device like the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s an interesting concept sure and the games they showed off looked like a great launch library (finally Skyrim on a Nintendo console!) however I am still extremely skeptical about this. Let’s be honest, the trailer looked almost too good to be true and as a result of that I’m going to be very cautious before I decide to purchase one.

First, is the Switch expensive? with all the capabilities it seems to be showing off it seems like it won’t come cheap at all. Second what are the specs, I’d like to know exactly how powerful this machine is and how well it runs games like Skyrim before i decide to try it out. The controllers look very odd and quite uncomfortable so I’d like to have a feel of them before I play. Finally how exactly will they handle games when the device becomes portable, will they be run at a lower resolution and framerate? Will the FPS tank making many games almost unplayable? I’m not really sure to what the answers are for these questions however I’m sure they will be answered in the coming months before it releases in March next year.

Still, it’s worth marking on your calendar as if this console is anywhere near as good as Nintendo are making it out to be then this could be a game changer. Keep an eye on this, it could be incredible. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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