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It truly is dangerous my friend...
It truly is dangerous my friend…

So another day, another copyright takedown of a fan project by Nintendo. This time it was for a wonderful voxel based recreation of the original Legend of Zelda’s first few levels and dungeons. Now I understand that Nintendo has every right to their intellectual property and that they can do whatever they wish with it however it’s sad to see labours of love from the fans simply wiped away like this like nothing happened, especially if it is distributed for free.

This game was free to play and was browser based meaning that many people could play it. This situation reminds me hugely of the fan re-creation of the first level of Super Mario 64 made in Unity, which was also browser based and distributed for free, and guess what? That game also got a copyright takedown. Sometimes I think Nintendo need to understand that these fan works actually help to promote their franchises rather than try to steal their thunder and working together with smaller indie developers or fans could be hugely beneficial to them.

However, what do you all think of this situation? Are you outraged or do you think Nintendo were well within their right? Let me know however you wish! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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