Activate the Cartographer

I miss dual wielding...
I miss dual wielding…

So I recently came into the knowledge that there is a fan revival project for the servers of Halo 2 on PC, how surprising! For those that don’t know, yes there was a PC version of Halo 2 called “Halo 2 Vista” and along with the original Xbox servers getting shut down this game also lost it’s official online support. However due to a recent effort from a dedicated Halo 2 fan they have created a project and online service that revives the experience for PC titled Project Cartographer.

This fan project is in the early stages but I am sure it will help to bring back the wonderful memories for those who played the game that pretty much almost single handedly made online multiplayer shooters into the giant genre that they are now. Admittedly I didn’t play much of Halo 2’s multiplayer (I was more of a Halo 3 man) but if something like this came up for Halo 3 the day when we lose the Xbox 360 servers I would be overjoyed, so this project looks amazing.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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