The Golden Weapon Conundrum

Well hello there sexy!

Overwatch if you didn’t know has an incentive for you to play in the competitive playlists even if you aren’t that interested in playing too seriously in the game, Golden Weapons. These are unique skins on every character’s weapons that you can purchase if you get a significant amount of ‘Competitive Points’ from exclusively playing in these playlists. You have to either play for multiple seasons or be incredibly good at the game to even stand a chance at getting the opportunity for a single weapon.

Now the problem here comes from the community perspective of this reward. Many people say that these golden weapons just invite players who want a shiny weapon and don’t care about the competitive scene at all. This makes slightly less skilled players enter competitive matches and ruin it for the pro players. The issue I see in their argument is that in order to even get a chance of obtaining one of these weapons you need to be winning so it’s not just an incentive to play, it’s an incentive to win. Players who are trying their hardest to win and communicating with their team have a significantly higher chance of succeeding than those who don’t and I feel that these weapons help to make that more possible.

However I want to know what you all think. Do you agree with me or not and if so why? Be sure to tell me however you wish! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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