The Gameplay

Hah, good luck friend.
Hah, good luck friend.

Let’s start with how the gameplay has changed shall we? First off the combat has been hugely overhauled to make ti seem more like a proper first person shooter like Call of Duty or Destiny. Gun recoil is in, aiming down sights is smooth and transitional and the gunplay just generally feels more fast paced and smooth making for a much better combat system than what was in the previous Fallout games.

The new features in game such as settlement building and crafting are absolutely huge systems. It would surely take me a couple of weeks to even get to proper grasp with the system but all I will say is that they are large, varied, have lots of things you can use to craft things with (thank the stars for automatic junk collection and part breakdowns) and a lot of things you can actually build. The settlement building controls seem a little finicky though so maybe that will be patched in a future update. For now however these features help to make the game not all about running and gunning and the weapon and armor crafting in particular is set to make the actual combat a whole lot more fun.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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