The Drill to Pierce the Heavens!

My favourite mega!

Today, if you have been playing Pokemon Sun/Moon at all and have been keeping up to date with the competitive scene, you should know that not only has the official Pokemon Online Competition for February ended but also that the mega stones for both Mawile and Beedrill are available to those who took part, I am one of those people!

To be honest this makes me so happy to have my favourite mega evolution back in the game. To those out of the loop for some reason in this series of games Nintendo decided to limit the amount of returning mega stones available that allow Pokemon to become their mega stone. It seems as though Nintendo are planning to distribute the missing stones through online competitions, certainly an odd choice as I would have much preferred them to have been in the game in the first place.

Still I eagerly await more online competitions and as such more opportunities to get the missing mega stones! Let’s wait and see to when Mega Rayquaza will be brought back… That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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