The Definitive Hyrule

Some of the new costumes!

During the Nintendo mini-direct one of the games announced to be making a port ot the Switch was the beloved beat-em-all-to-death style game (my new favourite genre) was Hyrule Warriors which has now made the jump to three different systems. The ‘Definitive Edition’ as they are calling this version just had a trailer released for it showing off some of the new content.

Alongside obviously upgraded graphics and smoother gameplay this new version of the game will bring back the local two player co-op that was in the Wii U version while also maintaining the portability present in the 3DS version. There will also be new challenges, things to collect and also present will be outfits from the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild, as shown above.

Overall while we have seen this game before being able to play the graphically impressive game on the go will no doubt be an inticing opportunity for fans of the Zelda franchise so let’s hope they don’t both this port. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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