The Crafting.

Hello there sexy...
Hello there sexy…

And finally onto the crafting. The weapon and armor crafting is perhaps one of the most appreciated changes added to the game. All guns are capable of being altered with a variety of modifications such as scopes or stocks and each change the statistics of the weapon and how they function. Armor is pretty much the same with upgrades being able to be applied to make them more useful as you fight tougher enemies. This also includes your power armor which you can find new parts for and upgrade with a variety of cool features such as a stealth module or even a jetpack! Some enemies also drop ‘Legendary Weapons’ which are normal weapons with a unique effect such as poison damage or better damage against a certain type of enemy, this also includes armor. What is absolutely wonderful is that you can also modify these items to make them even more powerful, you can even name all of your equipment to be whatever you want!

This also ties into the settlement building which is as of right now just… interesting. It’s certainly very cool to do and you can get some real benefits out of it such as a hub for companions and even special traders but I didn’t find myself using it much more than a place to store my equipment. All of this building and crafting is tied into the fact that you can break down ANY item in the world into component parts, hoarders rejoice! It makes everything have a purpose and I absolutely love how much it places emphasis on picking up everything you see.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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