The Battlefront Debacle

Dont Be Deceived!
Dont Be Deceived!

I knew it, I knew EA would do something like this!

So after telling my thoughts on the new Battlefront EA decided to announce the special and ultimate editions of Star Wars Battlefront, the outcry has been extraordinary. Firstly, the collectors edition (marketed as being $10 more than the normal edition) only contains 2 new taunt animations and a few item skins that you can actually unlock in the game normally. This isn’t even the worst part though as the ‘Ultimate Edition’ is priced at over $120 and is said to contain both the special edition features and, I kid you not, a $50 DLC SEASON PASS!

Some of you may be wondering why I am getting upset about this, consider this. The Season pass has not revealed to us what the nature of the DLC will be, but many have speculated on good authority that it will be at most 2 new planets (maps) per pack. That means you are paying $50 for 8 MAPS (if we are correct). This is an absolute disgrace if this is true but the worst part is that we are going to keep on lapping it up. This practice works EA knows this and is continuing to exploit us because it still makes them money.

Maybe I will be wrong and this DLC will be incredible but all I will say is consider this. We are paying a full retail game price for a Star Wars Battlefront game that doesn’t include conquest mode, a single player campaign, space battles or even multi person vehicles… This game is looking bleak, I wonder what the reviews will say. Anyway that’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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