Payday… To Win?

So... The Dark Knight's intro then?
So… The Dark Knight’s intro then?

So while I am a big Team fortress 2 player I have never actually played Payday 2. I have heard from friends that it is actually a really fun co-op experience that everyone should try but recently the development team, Overkill, made a big mistake.

The development team decided to add special items into the games (Drills) that could be bought with microtransactions in order to get access to unique weapon skins and (get this) gameplay altering weapon mods. What this did was very slyly introduce Microtransactions into their game that fundementally altered how the game was played, turning it into Pay to Win. This, obviously, caused outrage among the community and since then they have rolled it back so the items can actually be obtained through normal gameplay.

This is a bad trend however. The development team prided itself on not including Microtransactions and then proceeded to add them in anyway. Bad form devs, bad form. I can’t really be the judge however not playing the game so what do you all think? Have you played the game before and if so is this a huge outrage for you? Comment to tell us all! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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