Thank God For Me

I tried to find as unflattering a picture as I could, you’re welcome!

Jim Sterling, to those who don’t know, is a games journalist that currently works independently on Youtube and on his site, the Jimquisition (links to which will be posted at the end of this post). I bring this man up because he is one of my inspirations for writing on this site and I feel it appropriate to give some credit where it is due.

His channel (and a lot of his work in general) is very much designed to defend the consumer and resist the temptation of any corporate greed or trend that he believes will do harm to gamers in general. In many ways he has taken hits because of this line of thinking such as when he was involved in an actual lawsuit (which he won, thank god). In many ways fighting on the front lines and taking the heat, allowing those of us who are tired of this money centric industry to stand together under the banner of a man with a massive love of Boglins.

So check him out if this stuff seems to interest you, though if you read my stuff I have a feeling you already check out his work also. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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