Start(ers) of a new Adventure!

That owl Pokemon... I need it
That owl Pokemon… I need it

So finally some gameplay from Pokemon Sun and Moon has been shown to us in a new trailer released today, also showing off the new starter Pokemon!

The new Pokemon Rowlett, Litten and Popplion are set to be our newest friends in our next adventure, which was also confirmed in this trailer to come out November 18th. The new region seems to be based in a tropical area like Hawaii and the graphics seem to show a much more realistic looking character design. Very different from the normal Chibi-looking design of previous Pokemon games. Also confirmed were the new professor, your rival and the fact you can change your appearance again, a much missed feature from X and Y.

I must say though, Gen 6 was short lived. Despite it only having 2 games in their generation only one of them showed off the new Pokemon in their own region so I don’t really know how to feel about them moving onto the next generation so quickly. Ahh well maybe I’m just being picky, new Pokemon! I’m certainly excited. Oh and if you must know, Rowlett seems to appeal to me the most.

So are you all excited for the new Pokemon games? Which starter are you going to pick? Be sure to tell us all! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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