Sony E3 2017 Conference (Plus Nintendo!)

Please please please make this a good Spiderman game…

So to wrap up my E3 coverage I shall be talking about the Sony conference and will also mention Nintendo’s livestream show near the end. Sony showed off a fairly safe amount of things at the conference this year, though no new news about a console. The usual’s turned up, a new Uncharted game, a new God of War, footage of the new Call of Duty and your other usual fair.

However a few standouts include the fact that Horizon: Zero Dawn which will help make that game better. We got shown more gameplay of Days Gone, which might help breathe new life into the Zombie game genre. A new Monster Hunter game is coming out on all platforms (which will finally allow me to play a Monster Hunter game on the PC!) and of course they showed off the brand new Spiderman game which shows a lot of promise, I just hope they don’t screw it up.

The biggest announcement for me however is that they are remastering Shadow of the Colossus for PS4, which looks absolutely gorgeous and I am so jealous that I don’t own a PS4, being able to play that game in such good looking graphical fidelity looks incredible. I just hope they stay true to the full game.

Finally I will quickly mention Nintendo as they didn’t make a formal appearance but they did have an E3 livestream where they showed off some new things. Not too many new announcements however the most notable were the fact that a Pokémon Switch game is in development and is scheduled to be released at some point next year and of course the big one, a brand new Metroid Prime which is also coming out next year. No new gameplay on the recently announced Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon which is a shame however I am sure they are keeping that for another day.

So that’s it, E3 is done for another year. I will give my full thoughts on the event next week however in the meantime that’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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