Slime Rancher

I think the cat slimes are indeed my favourite

So yesterday I talked about one of the games I bought during the Steam Winter Sale, Shovel Knight, well here is the other I bought! Describing Slime Rancher is a little tricky as it seems to be a mix of genres. Mixing elements from first person games, to farming games like Harvest Moon, to pet simulator games like Viva Pinata (which this game most reminds me of by the way). Your goal as an intergalactic space rancher is to collect and breed slimes so that you can harvest their… ahem… “Plorts” and make money by selling them.

It’s an endearing process as you find yourself building up from something small to having to micromanage all the different types of slimes that you collect in the wild. This game also encourages you to explore, open up new paths and use them to find special items or even more different types of slimes! All in all it seems like a fun expedition and combined with the lovely music and gorgeous cartoony graphics its a lovely calming experience that I look forward to spending more time in.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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