Running Out of Time!

Damn you Avatar Project...
Damn you Avatar Project…

So going through XCOM 2 is tough, I actually lost my first playthrough and I’ve had to start the game again on an easier difficulty (yes I know XCOM vets I shouldn’t even bother existing but that’s a topic for another day). Most of the reason behind this is the damn doomsday counter on the main map that will forever play in my nightmares from now on. The sad thing about it is that the counter up top forces you into making moves or strategic decisions that you otherwise wouldn’t focus on.

Now this is of course an intentional game design decision however it still annoys me. I like to have the freedom to do what I wish in games and so having my decisions, especially at the start of the game, forced down a certain path it really limits my enjoyment and experimentation until after I have completed these mandatory objectives. Then again some people like having the stress of dealing with something like that as it helps to build tension in the game, we all have different opinions.

So what are your beliefs on timers in video games? Are they a good gameplay mechanic or would you rather they didn’t exist? Be sure to comment and share! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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