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What a nice choice of colours..
What a nice choice of colours..

So I was brought to the attention today of an interesting looking game that is coming out in the next few days, a lovely Indie game called Firewatch. From what I can tell from my limited research it appears to be a narrative driven game that focuses on some kind of park ranger who goes about on the daily duties of repairing stuff and looking after the wilderness.

The game itself looks absolutely gorgeous and I bring this game up today because it has been said that pictures you take within the game can actually be processed in real life to make an actual photo. Something like that while seemingly a gimmick really seems to make the game like a second reality and due to how wonderfully beautiful the game looks the ability to print your own pictures seems like a great idea.

Of course I won’t actually be able to get Firewatch as I unfortunately don’t have the funds but still I wish the game the best of luck. Anyway what do you all think of this interesting looking game? Be sure to explain your thoughts! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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