Repeat Repeat Repeat

Locked behind a paywall, pfft...
Locked behind a paywall, pfft…

I completed the story mode of Diablo 3, amazing I know. Well to be honest Diablo 3’s campaign isn’t meant to be lengthy by any means, and I was playing the overpowered Wizard so it was even shorter. Really Diablo’s main appeal is to repeat the campaign over and over at a higher level and difficulty to get better loot and become stronger and a few other games have taken after this system.

It’s a tad strange to see the same characters you know repeat the same lines of dialogue that you have hear before with them being none the wiser and yet it also has a certain charm to it. Undertale really captialised on this as even when your progress was reset it still remembered some things in order to spook you out and break the fourth wall. I’d like more games to do this and at least acknowledge the fact that you know what is going to happen in the story before even the characters themselves do.

What do you all think about this repeating system then? Do you find it rewarding or do you find it to be lazy design to base a game around? Be sure to comment and let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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